February 22, 2023


Brookhaven Elementary Second Graders Showcase Bilingual Skills with “Hygge Is…” Book

On February 17th, second-grade students in Stefani Nolde and Dinorka Moreno’s dual-language class at Brookhaven Elementary School showcased their bilingual skills by presenting a book they authored called “Hygge Is…”. The book features both English and Spanish words and was inspired by the Danish concept of “hygge,” which encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment, well-being, and self-care.

Each page of the book features a student’s drawing and words describing what hygge means to them, reflecting the theme of the school’s social and emotional curriculum. The students’ hard work and creativity were evident in the beautifully illustrated and heartfelt book.

We commend the students, teachers, and staff at Brookhaven Elementary School for their commitment to providing students with opportunities to develop their language skills and creativity, as well as their social and emotional intelligence. This project is a wonderful example of the power of education to inspire and engage young minds. Congratulations to all involved in creating “Hygge Is…”!

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