Take Action

Join us in empowering educators and students.

At Long Island Teachers, we understand the importance of political action in securing good paying jobs and safe working conditions for our members. We are dedicated to advocating for the needs and rights of all teachers, and we believe that every educator has the power to make a difference in the political landscape.

Our involvement in legislative issues and our members’ local union political action committees are vital to our success in creating a better future for educators and students alike. When we participate in labor walks, lobby days, and town hall meetings, we build strong relationships and create the foundation for lobbying for important legislation that benefits all teachers. 

But our involvement goes beyond just our members. When we mobilize in great numbers to support new legislation or candidate support, we show elected officials that we are a valuable part of the political process. We remind them of the impact that was demonstrated through our political efforts and that we care deeply about issues and causes that affect educators and working people everywhere. 

Join us in the fight for our rights as an educator. Contact your unit president or attend a local union political action committee meeting to find out how you can help your union gain a voice in local, state, and federal legislation. Remember, when it comes to politics, all politics are local, and your voice matters.

Your Vote Counts: Make Your Voice Heard in Local Budget Races

When we come together to vote, we can ensure that our schools are adequately funded and that our students have the resources they need to succeed. If you’re passionate about education and want to make a difference in your community, we encourage you to get involved in local budget races. Attend community meetings, talk to your neighbors, and most importantly, make sure to cast your vote on election day.

Together, we can create a better future for our students and ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

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