Long Island Can Turn the Ugly Tide of Polluted Water

Date Posted: 
Thursday, August 15, 2019
In case you missed it, the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO recently sent out a communication about Long Island's water. This is an important issue not only for teacher's but for all working people and for anyone who enjoys Long Island's environment. After reading this, ask yourself are you doing enough to protect our environment and our waterways?
Newsday Editorial: Long Island Can Turn the Ugly Tide of Polluted Water


On Long Island, we find ourselves drawn to the water that surrounds us. It calls us, and we seek it out. The water is a place to swim and boat, to fish and surf, to paddle and sail. We walk and bike along its shore, stretch out before it to read a good book, and eat dinner while gazing at its moonlit beauty. For some of us, it's a place of work. For most of us, it's a place to play. It's a magnet for tourists and a sanctuary for our overworked and overstressed selves.
But over the years, we've treated it badly - mostly, by dumping nitrogen in it. Some of that comes from the fertilizers we use on our lawns and crops. A little comes from the air. But most of it comes from the cesspools and septic tanks that inadequately filter the wastewater we produce at home and at work. We know all this. The science is rock solid.


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