A message to Mr. Trump

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Music Educator Brian Vollmer

I had an observation today. I am lucky to work in a school district that is truly diverse, unlike the one I attended. Today, a 4th grade trombone player of mine showed up a minute or two early to his lesson. As I was shuffling some things around getting ready for my next group ahe was assembling his instrument. He said, "Mr. Vollmer, I had a great week practicing. I only had trouble with this one part, could you help me?" So we quickly went over it a few times, he got it, and thanked me. As the other students began to show up I thought about this boy. He's a model student, kind, funny, and comes from a great home.

This boy also happens to be a Muslim.

This is what I think a lot of people don't get, a lot of things are being said, posted, and reposted recently. Things are taking a scary turn. People are scared, I get that. The fabric of this nation however is woven on the principals of acceptance and freedom. So to anyone who expresses themselves in an intolerant or xenophobic manner (especially to Mr. Trump), I invite him to come see my students, children and their families. Mr. Trump should put names, faces and family units to the hate he spew's. I would consider myself lucky if any of my future children turned out the way this student has, and I bet Donald Trump wouldn't be so tough when he’s hit with a little perspective. 

Brian Vollmer
Hicksville Middle & Elementary Schools