The fight is not over, we will not give up!

Date Posted: 
Thursday, April 2, 2015
Message from President, Wayne White of the Bellport Teachers Association
Sisters and Brothers,
There is no way to overstate the magnitude of what occurred last night.  Massive changes are in store for public schools and all for all of us.   NYSUT is still analyzing the specifics of the legislation which was passed last night and will have a full summary soon.  
While it is very easy to give in to emotion, this is not the end.  
We did some remarkable things.  We mobilized to a degree that we have not seen before.  We now have coalition partners that we could not point to that long ago and those allies are still with us.  We did a lot of good things.  While it did have an impact, regrettably it wasn't enough.  
So what now?  
The next step is for us to meet with individual members of the Regents to discuss our concerns about the new legislation so that they can work on the specifics around this horrendous framework. We still need to analyze the recent legislation in detail before we can make our next move.
We will also share our letter with the community educating parents on their refusal options for the state assessments through social media as well as the Advance. Please feel free to share the letter to district parents and other community members in order to spread the word.
Once we find out more from NYSUT legal, I will be sure to share that information with you. 
I’m disappointed and disgusted about last night but we cannot give up. We need to reclaim control to do what’s best for our children and that includes all of us. As always, I am proud to represent you