Happy Thanksgiving

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We are now entering into the season of thanks. On Thursday, families will come together to give thanks for the many gifts and bounties they have received over the past year.  Long Island has some of the best schools in the country and that is thanks to our great teachers and parents who make their child's education a priority in their lives. Our teachers work tirelessly to educate the next generation even as their profession is under constant scrutiny. Instead of backing down,  some educators take a stand in the communities in which they live and work in various leadership roles. Teachers across Long Island have united together to oppose high stakes testing and to push for a curriculum that values teaching over testing. Our members also united together to protect public education for all by opposing the most recent Constitutional Convention referendum. Because of the often thankless hard work that our teachers do every day, Long Island will continue to have great public schools. Join us this Thanksgiving in thanking a teachers, and join us in encouraging young people to consider becoming an educator and become the next generation of "teacher leaders in the community." We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and shops responsibly on this long holiday weekend. 

Enjoy a union made Thanksgiving feast this year. Click here or on the image below for a full list of union-made product for your Thanksgiving dinner.