Happy Labor Day

Date Posted: 
Monday, September 2, 2019
On Monday, we celebrate Labor Day. The one holiday that honors the people who make our world move. It is also the day when union members honor those who came before us and fought for many of the rights we take for granted.  
However this year, we also honor those who are currently fighting. Teachers like those in West Virginia, Kentucky, Los Angeles and many other school districts who have taken action to protect their jobs and their classrooms. As strikes in these areas have increased so to has union membership. While some thought they could destroy our unions with court cases like the Janus decision, our teachers have united and become stronger. Here on Long Island, our local unions lost almost no members, because they understand the importance of having a voice on the job.   
This year, we honor these teachers on Labor Day and commit to always working hard to protect our profession and our students. Happy Labor Day from the Long Island Teachers.