Happy Holidays from your Long Island Teachers

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Message from Robert Claps, Public Outreach Chair 
As we enter into the Holiday break, Long Island Teachers are encouraging our neighbors to help children in need by donating educational toys.  Below we have provided a link of a downloadable list of toys that are teacher approved, fun and educational in nature. We were able to also pinpoint certain products that were made right here in the USA, so do the right thing and check for the Made in the USA label when doing your holiday shopping. You can find out more about this campaign by listening to our ad below. If you're a fellow educator and you have a toy that you would like to recommend, then send us the details to info@longislandteachers.org.
2017 will be a year of uncertainty.  The incoming Education Secretary is no friend to Public Education. Federal funding to our schools is in great jeopardy, as is the misguided funding of under performing private charter schools. Long Island school districts are faced with an unprecedented influx of immigrant students into some of our most financially strapped districts. Through open dialogue, like the one showcased here, and the understanding of the unique challenges these students bring, our union teachers will be able to provide them with the quality education that the residents of Long Island have come to expect.  
As educators, we give thanks this holiday season for our students and faculty members which make up some of the greatest schools in the nation. Happy Holidays from Long Island Teachers.org - Teacher Leaders in the Community.